WORDS offered by students and teachers to describe Michele Klink and her Yoga offerings:

hands on, intuitive

tuning into people's needs,

helps to make people feel good,

trusting, watching everyone,

confident, self-assured,


uplifting, inspiring,

motivating speaker,

caring, authentic,

friendly, approachable,

knowledgable, reliable, loyal,

graceful, loving,




service to humanity,

radiant inner light!

Michele’s class are like CPR for the Soul anonymous


It’s rare to find a teacher with decades of experience and the continued willingness to experiment. Her teaching ripples with anatomical exactness and emotional insight. Michele’s instruction will improve the quality of your life.  

Jill Miller, Creator of Yoga Tune Up®, Author of The Roll Model

Michele possesses an unsurpassed knowledge of human anatomy, and conveys that knowledge in a clear and digestible way. She helps you understand the “why” in how a pose is done. She will challenge and push you, but in a very caring, heart-felt way to to be the best teacher and person you can be. Most importantly, she is dedicated to seeing the apprentices that she mentors achieve success as yoga teachers, utilizing her resources and connections to help create opportunities for them.

Lisa D, RYT 500 Yoga Instructor and Dance Teacher, Owner of “SlopeStyle Yoga”

Michele shepherds people toward transformation. A true agent of change to help evolve consciousness for people. She gently eases people forward, whether on of off the Yoga mat. She helps people to move out of comfort zones. She has a particular talent for a keen eye to help stubborn bodies (or people) to move beyond the stickiness and bulky muscle layers. To see each person where they are at and help them to go deeper, in a firm, but kind loving way. She can move a whole group deeper which is profoundly fascinating.

Susie L., Yoga Instructor, Owner of “The Yoga Room” Former Graphic Designer

Michele conducts her classes with great pace and the perfect amount of instruction balanced with mystic philosophy. It is a true Yoga practice. She is passionate, approachable and truly cares about her students. She demonstrates a sharpness, experience and respect towards the uniqueness of each individual.

Stephanie Z., RYT 500 Yoga Instructor and Ashtanga-Influenced Practitioner

You are always in good hands with Michele! anonymous


Michele combines patience, clarity and detailed technique in her yoga teaching. Every session is unique and different, so you are always learning something new. In addition, she is a truly spiritual being, and in listening to her during a class, she guides you inwardly to feel the poses and to listen to yourself from within as you practice. Her class always feels like it is a personal yoga lesson designed especially for me.  I always leave her class feeling better in my body vs. sore or hurt.

Maddy L., Financial Advisor


Michele Klink, thank you for everything you do to enhance our lives. Your inspirational commentary, your yoga history knowledge, your Asana expertise, your intense dedication, your beautiful self. And among many other amazing things but most importantly your wonderful delightful endearing light heartedness and humor. It is a most precious and unique gift. (Not to mention that 'music-inspired' core work!)  I/we are forever grateful. 

GW, devoted Yoga Student, Marketing Professional


As the ancient proverb goes: When the student is ready the teacher appears.  For me, that appearance was in the form of yoga instructor Michele Klink. Michele has a presence that radiates warmth and energy.  She has a clear commitment to yoga as an art, exercise and avenue for deepening one’s inner life.  The superior level of preparation for her classes is consistently evident with changing themes, varying sequences and music selections that soothe and delight. Michele shares the depth of her knowledge in every class,  conveying the meaning and value of the postures as she instructs.

I am always touched by the gentle way Michele connects with her classes; she quietly greets new students, making each one feel welcome. Observing advanced students carefully, she makes modifications to enhance a pose and insure safety and benefit. 
She is strict in this regard and makes certain she teaches how to avoid injury through correct positioning and listening to the body. 

 Michele models what she teaches; her demonstrations show her fluidity, strength and superior physicality. She continues to develop her work through her own training and she enthusiastically shares this constant input of new ideas with her students.

The blend of Michele’s passion for yoga and her joyful, adventurous spirit brings good cheer and fine training to each of her classes. She inspires me, I deeply respect her and am grateful for all she has added to the quality of my life.

Sharron D., Realtor, Nurse, Therapist and Fan


Classes with Michele:  A yoga class with Michele is an opportunity to fully experience being present and centered. An hour plus of living in the moment. Her specific instructions really hep you to tweak your pose and posture just enough to say "Aha! I get it!" and to go even deeper into a state of mindfulness and awareness. Michele's words soothe, inform, educate, enlighten, delight. Her choice of music only makes her words and instruction more powerful. She shares a part of herself with each and every story that she brings to life during the practice. She weaves words of wisdom and introspection throughout each class. She can take a common ordinary everyday experience and draw a life lesson from it. That she shares gleefully with her students. There's nothing like a yoga session with Michele!

Workshop or Retreat with Michele:  The time I have spent in full day, or weekend, or week-long yoga workshops and retreats with Michele are among my most cherished and life changing experiences. I have discovered things about myself that astonish and delight me. I have grown not only in my yoga practice but also as a human being. I am a better person for having participated. Michele's retreats bring out the best in you. They give you ample time and opportunity to uncover, reveal, expose, rejoice. You can be yourself, with all that that entails, and be safe and secure in knowing that what happens during these retreats stays among the participants. You find that after continued yoga sessions over several hours or days, you only want more. You vow to incorporate yoga's lessons into your daily life, on and off the mat. Treat yourself.  Spend time with Michele in a workshop or on a retreat. You'll never be the same!  

Wanda N., International School Principal


I came to Michele’s class as a relative newbie to yoga. I had an injured wrist, shoulder, along with significant amounts of stress from an onslaught of challenging life events. I had some serious doubts about being able to do any yoga. My mind was a whirl and my body weak.

How amazing to have found Michele right at that moment. She’s been the centerpiece of my healing journey. Her therapeutics class alone healed my chronic back issues and brought my shoulder back to life. As I got stronger, I started her level 1 then level 2 classes. I’m now devoted to her classes and in love with yoga. Any time I feel stressed, stiff, out of sorts, and show up on my mat for her class, I’m instantly grounded, and leave light hearted, lit from the inside, deliciously “juiced up”, looking at life from a more centered place.

I can’t say enough about Michele as a teacher. She’s joyful, charismatic, an inspired story-teller, a committed and powerful spiritual teacher, an extraordinarily gifted teacher all around. I feel very spoiled being able to go to her class on a regular basis. All other yoga classes I’ve tried pale in comparison. She’s just got that rare, special something. I feel blessed to have found her.”

Andrea W, Artist, Fine Art


The first thing you notice about Michele is her command of the class big or small. The second thing you notice is that she really knows the technical details of the poses, anatomy and the history of yoga. While your working on making your mind and body stronger she guides you on a spiritual journey as well which is just as important. If you continue to takes classes from her over a period of time you will start to notice that she notices the changes in your body and improvement in your postures before you do. In the smaller classes with a teaching assistant the adjustments they make go a long way. Even on the days I am fatigued and feel like the person with the weakest practice in the room her encouragement and adjustments to back off or go further always makes me want to take the next class. After time it goes without saying you will notice her kind nature and sense of humor, she is not afraid to make fun of herself or have have a laugh in class which makes perfect sense, isn’t part of the journey of practice to get better is learning to be happy with where you are as well? If I had the time or finances to do a teaching training with her I certainly would.  

Derek B., Student, Technology Expert


I began practicing vinyasa flow yoga with Michele in 2000. After undergoing knee surgery in 2013, I was unable to perform most of the advanced standing poses. Fortunately, I have been able to continue my yoga practice with Michele's Therapeutics classes. In addition to core strengthening, increasing my overall flexibility and furthering my breath and meditation practice, Michele continually monitors my knee alignment to prevent further injury. 

Jack L., Capital Investor


I want to let you know how much I LOVE your classes and the depth of spirit that you bring to them. And your depth of knowledge of the anatomy and the whole system of yoga. There is something about the way you teach that touches my soul and I feel a huge 'AHHHHHHHH' in my heart, knowing I am exactly where I need to be.  I know I will do workshops one of these days, but for now I am so in bliss in each class.

Mary C., Yoga Enthusiast


Michele's Therapeutics class has been so good for me. It's helped me get more flexible. The stretching, strengthening and mental connection thru breathing has enabled me to relax and cope with my lower back and shoulder injuries. Your teaching, story-telling, body knowledge and overall loving approach to yoga is wonderful and excellent. I'm grateful for your teachings and will continue with your classes and workshops.  

Miriam S., Student and Giant's Fan


Voilà!  I’ve started yoga 2 years ago and I must say Michele has been a fabulous teacher for me. Going to her classes is like a very special treat (even though we suffer sometimes)! Her knowledge of the human anatomy is extremely sharp, she is very precise in her instructions and always makes sure we have the proper alignment. I always feel safe taking her classes!!!  And taking privates with her has been  wonderful. My body feels better in one class than after 10 sessions at the chiropractor!!! But above all, Michele genuinely moves me. She touches my soul and opens my heart  to a deeper level. She is a true inspiration and a beautiful human being. And last but not least  she speaks  French! - which for a  the French that I am is super cool!!! I can only highly recommend her classes! Merci. 

Lisa S, Meditation Teacher


Yoga Teacher and Classes: I have taken many of Michele’s classes and while I always love her clear and thorough instructions and superb sequencing, it never ceases to amaze me how she weaves in spiritual teachings. I love her personal attention and sense of humor.  I will continue to take her classes whenever I can.

Teacher Trainer:  I took my 200-Hour Teacher Training with Michele.  It was such a transformative experience.  She inspires her trainees, she gently nudges them along, realizing what they may need individually, and she eases them into the seat of the teacher.  I loved how she instilled a sense of confidence into all of us - something that is still with me after all this time.  Her training was very organized, focused, and taught from a place of deep knowledge.  It was such a valuable experience that I would not want to miss for anything in the world!”

Teacher Mentor:  Having taken the 200-Hour Teacher Training with Michele, it was clear to me that I wanted her to be my mentor for the 300-Hour Professional Program Teacher Training.  I knew that she had taken the time to get to know me and she still did that throughout the mentorship.  Again, she was extremely focused, organized and very professional but with enough room for spontaneity.  I always felt that she had my best interest in mind and wanted to bring out the best in me which she did in a very compassionate but respectful and skillful way.  I continue to be amazed at her generosity with her time and advice - it never felt like any question or need was an inconvenience for her.  I feel truly cared for and somehow she was able to treat all of her mentees the same way.  I can highly recommend her as a mentor!” 

Anja E., RYT 500 Yoga Teacher