Joyful Journey to Japan - Yoga, Culture and Mindfullness Meditation


Yoga and Culture in Japan: Time for a joy-filled journey in Japan.
Join my upcoming international retreat: Yoga & Culture in Japan, October 15 - 24, 2019.  You will have a life-changing experience through an intimate encounter with Japan, taking it in through all the senses.  Highlights include: 

  • Majestic SIGHT of Mt Fuji from the bullet train traversing the country and all the colorful experiences from city to countryside.

  • Meditative SOUND of Temple Bells ringing, Buddhist Monks chanting, water flowing.

  • Warm healing TOUCH as you soak in hot mineral waters of rural volcanic hot springs called Onsen while staying at traditional Japanese Inns called Ryokans.

  • Savoring TASTES of Japanese cuisine from elegant, haute cuisine of a formal kaiseki meal to crouching over a bowl slurping homemade noodles with locals at ramen cafes.

  • Following your nose to SMELL to the sweet scent of Autumn fragrance of Kinmokusei Blossoms (金木犀).

  • Experience the SOUL of Japan through its people and culture of hospitality, cleanliness and friendliness - artists and monks, geisha and salarymen, children and elders. 

Yoga practice will keep you grounded, renewed and open throughout the journey so that you may be present to all the depth this country and its people have to offer.  You will learn to meditate mindfully with your senses.  More than sightseeing, this inspirational retreat will return you home having had a soul connection with the Land of the Rising Sun and a practice of mindfulness meditation. The specially designed path you will take, along with your fellow travelers and new friends, will lead to savoring, contentedness and fulfillment.

This International Yoga Retreat with Michele Klink Yoga has just recently been added. Hence timing is of importance in your decision as I will need a minimum enrollment for the trip to go.  Although Japan is an expensive country to visit, I have been able to craft a unique trip of a lifetime not to be missed that is as reasonable as Japan can get.  AND….To launch this trip, I am offering a very special EARLY, EARLY-bird discount for you, your family and friends: Take $500 OFF the regular price when you place your deposit by April 17th 

Follow the scent of Kinmokusei Blossoms, the sweet scent of Autumn fragrance in Japan.

Follow the scent of Kinmokusei Blossoms, the sweet scent of Autumn fragrance in Japan.

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You can view more about the trip here: Yoga & Culture in Japan with Michele Klink

Summary  of Yoga and Culture in Japan

October 15 - 24, 2019 for 10 days / 9 nights

Arrive Day 1 in Tokyo, stay Tokyo 2 nights

travel Countryside: Yudakan, 1 night and Takayama 2 nights

travel to Kyoto 4 nights,

Leave Day 10 Osaka

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